“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”
It’s in the shelter of each other’s shadows that we live.

Have you been journeying on your healing path for a long time?

Are you feeling there must be more help and support available? Do you long for a deeper sense of belonging and connection? Are you tired of feeling you’re walking your healing path on your own?

By becoming more embodied, understanding the power of ritual and co-creating a vibrant relationship with your ancestors, you can add potent layers to your healing journey.

My work brings layers of deeper connection and resource to those who are seeking to be potent agents of change, and who want to bring support and healing to themselves, others and systems in these times. My mission is to support life giving and sustainable change for you, your ancestors, your descendants and the web of life.


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Healing together. Living life as ceremony.

I’m Catherine Dunne — a psychotherapist, Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, and a Movement Medicine Teacher based in Kerry, Ireland. I facilitate spaces to support you to come into deeper connection with your body and its wisdom, with your innate capacity to heal, and the love and support of your ancestors so that you can feel more fulfilled at a personal, a family and even a cultural level.

Le Chéile Healing means “healing all together” and this is the spirit that guides my work — drawing together 30 years of psychotherapeutic experience alongside all I have gathered on my own lifelong quest for healing. Over the years, time and time again, I came up against a widespread need in our modern world for more support. So many of us are desperate for deeper connection, closer communities, and more effective personal resources. This is what we need to heal, and to sustain change in our lives.

Blending together the wisdom tools and techniques from a variety of modalities — Le Chéile Healing is an integrative path with the flexibility and possibility to meet you wherever you’re at, and give you the specific resources you need to move forward. It is an empowering, integrative healing path — rooted in ancestral lineage healing, movement medicine, and trauma-informed psychotherapy.

Firmly rooted in inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-colonialist principles — I work with you to support life giving, sustainable change and liberation for you, your ancestors, your descendants, and the web of life.

Helping you connect to the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What people are saying

I felt more light of heart and mind - and a joy inside that I haven’t felt in a long time. My physical body thanked me toofor allowing it to move like it was made to do!
I just wanted to say something about our dance workshop ... I found this experience to be both relaxing and up-lifting. The atmosphere was of freedom, take part as you pleased, no right or wrong way of doing this. The mix between dance and guided relaxations worked really well. I left feeling as if  my senses were replenished and renewed in a way that was nourishing and very satisfying. The benefits lasted and left me wanting more. Thank you!
Bernie M
Thanks so much for today. It was perfect and has left me with a warm warm feeling in my heart and brought back beautiful feelings, memories, of B. I think you do have a v special gift,  so a thousand thanks and I'm so grateful that we met.
Liz C

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