Hi I'm Catherine

I’m a psychotherapist, an Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner, and a Movement Medicine Teacher based in Kerry, Ireland.

My early life experiences ignited a need to heal my own wounds, and a hunger to make sense of my experiences and my relationships.

Everything culminated within me with the birth of a deep wish, and a life mission, to be a positive agent for change and healing in this world.

I am the eldest of two daughters born to Irish immigrants on Lenapé lands, Queens, New York. Our world had one foot in Queens, and the other in my grandparents’ home in North Cork, Ireland. My ancestral lands and the very different rhythm of life in Ireland at that time, provided me with great solace and freedom as a child. This was juxtaposed with the fast-paced life of New York — and all its opportunities, challenges, and excitement.

Growing up between these two polarities helped me to develop a capacity to bridge worlds, and act as a conduit between different ways of life. I grew up with a deeply lived knowing of the value of being connected to the people and lands I descended from.

I integrate time-proven maps, potent tools and my lived experience to hold space for people to connect. Together we can deeply remember who we are.

From New York to Cork & Kerry – my journey

At 22, I returned to Ireland to live. My life’s work since then has been a mission to bring healing and a deeper remembering of our essence to myself, and to others.

The ancestors provide us with an antidote for the wound of isolation. An embodied and empowered connection with those from whom we descend has changed my life and the lives of many people I have had the honour of working with. I look forward to helping you to connect more deeply with yourself, your ancestors, and the supportive, transformational resource that is waiting there for you.

My embodied teachers have included Erv and Miriam Polster (exquisite Gestalt therapists), Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan (founders of the School of Movement Medicine), Daniel Foor (founder of this Ancestral Lineage Healing process) and Mark Bockley (carrier of potent Dagara medicine).

I am guided by my own connection with my beloved ancestors, our other-than-human kin, and my devotion to the Goddess-Saint Brigid — whose healing flame is a constant source of nourishment and guidance, alongside the communion of other spirits who protect, guide, and support me and my work.

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