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What to expect and how to get started.

What is Le Chéile Healing?

My work with Le Chéile Healing begins with helping you to get you anchored in yourself,from here you can open to connect with more help. The path is here to help you get resourced, get guided, and do it all in a way so your progress is sustained.

Our work with Le Chéile Healing focuses on embodied practice through movement, creating ritual safety, connecting with your wise and well ancestors, and healing your lineages. The space I hold for your journey sits on a foundation of 30+ years of clinical and trauma-informed experience as a psychotherapist.

Connecting with our ancestors is a source of healing, hope and strength across cultures. Ancestral connection is our birthright — and everyone has wise, well and loving ancestors available to guide and support them.

What we will do

This work happens at an individual level, in groups, and in spaces of embodied community ritual, online, or in person.

First, we will work together to make sure you have what you need to feel safe enough in your body, working on establishing appropriate boundaries and ritual safety as a strong foundation for your journey.

Then, wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you there — bringing all I have to support you into a more conscious relationship with your beloved, wise, and well ancestors.

To discuss how I can best support you from where you’re at

What to expect from this work

You can join us for community ritual, group work and/or you can work with me 1 to 1 in individual sessions, both online or in person.

By your side— my focus is on helping you come more into your body, and achieve greater peace and presence by supporting your nervous system and your overall well being.

I’ve had the great honour of journeying with thousands of people for over 30 years. Working with you in a tailored, personalised way is a priority for me. This is collaborative, so let’s meet to discuss your next right step.

This work supports you to navigate triggers,establish a more embodied sense of safety, create a deeper anchor in your own embodied presence, and work with the different lenses of Le Chéile Healing to uncover and overcome the blind spots on your path.

The Benefits

Every journey is different, but the people I work with often report a much deeper sense of personal agency, of empowerment and of belonging. They feel less alone in the world, along with a sense of being more grounded and having exponentially more support in their lives.

They also say they have a better sense of their own purpose, more creativity, a better understanding of who they are, and greater context for how they’ve come to be the people they are.

Many people also report more understanding, healing, compassion and context for the difficulties in their family dynamics. This work can lead to the healing of intergenerational wounds and traumas in family systems, as well as ultimately contributing to repairing of larger collective and cultural wounds.

By establishing a relationship with those whom we have descended from, down through the generations, we can touch into new insights into who we are. We can tap into a wisdom, love and acceptance that gives us hope and infinite resources.

What people are saying

Monday's experience is beyond words for me.  Thank you for what you do. I did not realise I needed boundaries between myself and my people. I assumed that all the dead were well and benevolent by virtue of death.  Theexperience had brought me to a new appreciation of boundaries between myself and all others living or dead.  Boundary hygiene has moved up to the top of list  for me. I felt lighter in myself as if they have all stepped back/it's less crowded in my field. It's better than winning the lotto to know that the wise, well illuminated ones will do the healing and not me. Looking forward to next week and the next part of the journey.
Tracy B
Catherine´s work “Ancestral Lineage Healing” is an important preparation and support on my own journey to live myself fully and fulfil a dream I had for many years. Supported by her competent, calm, empathetic manner I learned to open up quickly, surrender and trust into the messages and images that came up in this guided sessions. The wisdom in that, what my ancestors are offering me, is deep and I am always surprised how good it is fitting into my current life situation. Step by step I learn that I do not have to carry their burdens anymore – they and I are healing and the harvest is rich. I feel blessed and strong in moments where I felt weak or lost in former times. If you want to go forward and live yourself without those old rubber bands that are tearing you back again and again, I highly recommend to try out this work .
Martina W

How to get started

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Being Embodied

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Who am I

I am Catherine Dunne (She/her pronouns) – a Psychotherapist, an Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner and Movement Medicine Teacher, with over 30 years’ experience. Throughout those years I have been seeking out what really helps us to heal, make lasting positive changes, realise our full potential and to thrive, individually and collectively.

My work brings layers of deeper connection and resource to those who are seeking to be potent agents of change, and who want to bring support and healing to themselves, others and systems in these times. My mission is to support life giving and sustainable change for you, your ancestors, your descendants and the web of life.

My multi-layered, multi disciplinary offerings are the weaving of what I have gathered from my extensive trainings and experience. I am committed to supporting people of all ancestries and backgrounds to re-establish sustaining connection with your blood ancestors and extended kin in ways that are ethical, safe, culturally respectful, and aligned with healing and the work of decolonization.

All of this sits on the foundation of my 30 years of Clinical and trauma informed experience.

What people are saying

I felt more light of heart and mind - and a joy inside that I haven’t felt in a long time. My physical body thanked me toofor allowing it to move like it was made to do!
I just wanted to say something about our dance workshop ... I found this experience to be both relaxing and up-lifting. The atmosphere was of freedom, take part as you pleased, no right or wrong way of doing this. The mix between dance and guided relaxations worked really well. I left feeling as if  my senses were replenished and renewed in a way that was nourishing and very satisfying. The benefits lasted and left me wanting more. Thank you!
Bernie M
Thanks so much for today. It was perfect and has left me with a warm warm feeling in my heart and brought back beautiful feelings, memories, of B. I think you do have a vv special gift,  so a thousand thanks and I'm so grateful that we met.
Liz C

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