Being Embodied

Strengthening presence, boundaries, resilience and truth in your life

Based in the practices of Movement Medicine

This course will be an opportunity to come together online, to dance, to share — and to ultimately become more embodied, anchored, and centered in your body and your truth as you move through life.

We will create a safe space together, learn tools and techniques through experiential practices designed to help you create more freedom and expression in your everyday life. The aim of the course is to equip you to move through the world with more presence, better boundaries, more resilience, and better connection to your own wisdom and knowing.

The outline of the group’s 3 modules are as follows

Roots – Connecting with ourselves

  • Coming into the body, Awakening the Dancer, understanding and enhancing interoception (the body’s feedback information systems),
  • Learning how to get more grounded and understanding and learning about regulation of the nervous system

Trunk – Your own capacity to be present in the world

  • Identifying and strengthening your own boundaries  
  • Inhabiting your personal space more clearly
  • Identifying and strengthening your connection to what resources you in ways that are available to you at all times

Branches – Expanding out into the world and into connection

  • Bringing it all together, this will include an exploration of how best to bring all of this into your interactions out in the world
  • We will explore questions like
    • Where am I now?
    • What is my default position?
    • Where do I avoid?
    • Where can I get stuck?
    • How much or how little authority do I experience in being able to move through the world
  • Coming to understand and identify what tools and what support you personally need in order to move out into the world in a more present and embodied way
  • Leaving with a personalised plan for supporting yourself in your own ongoing embodiment practice

The details

The course will run over 6 weeks. We will meet every Tuesday evening 7-9pm


What you’ll get

As well as the live 2 hour classes, you will receive some resources to use between classes and after the course finishes. The resources contain:

  • My Being Embodied pdf explaining everything that we go through in the course,
  • 4 audio recordings of the individual practices,
  • 6 video recordings of the live sessions, so if you miss one you can catchup in your own time.

What people are saying

I felt more light of heart and mind - and a joy inside that I haven’t felt in a long time. My physical body thanked me toofor allowing it to move like it was made to do!
I just wanted to say something about our dance workshop ... I found this experience to be both relaxing and up-lifting. The atmosphere was of freedom, take part as you pleased, no right or wrong way of doing this. The mix between dance and guided relaxations worked really well. I left feeling as if  my senses were replenished and renewed in a way that was nourishing and very satisfying. The benefits lasted and left me wanting more. Thank you!
Bernie M
Thanks so much for today. It was perfect and has left me with a warm warm feeling in my heart and brought back beautiful feelings, memories, of B. I think you do have a v special gift,  so a thousand thanks and I'm so grateful that we met.
Liz C

Free 20 minute consult

An opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit to journey through this work together.