Continued Professional Development

Experienced support for individuals, groups and team CPD

Good supportive supervision is key to thriving in many caring professions. I have been supervising individuals, groups and teams in their continuing professional development (CPD) across an array of professions for 25 years.

I support you or your team, ensuring:

  • We can create a relationship where we can safely look at any issues arising in your work
  • You are continuing to grow in your competence, confidence and integrity
  • We not only address therapeutic work but also the questions of how you sustain yourself personally and/or as a team, in work that can be very demanding

I have a particular interest in supporting teams who provide front-line services. Having a safe space to come together to be heard and share, and to get resourced and find creative ways forward can transform teams and the work they do.

I work in an embodied and supportive way with the intention of benefiting the supervisee personally as well as professionally. If you or your team are interested in learning more about how I could support you please get in touch.

Free 20 minute consult

An opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit to journey through this work together.