Tailored to support you personally and professionally with the help of your ancestors.

In my one to one work I bring together all my tools, maps, skills, and years of experience to support you towards living a life that is fulfilled, aligned with your purpose, and integrates the love, guidance and support of your ancestors.

If you’ve already done a lot of personal development work, and feel the need for a broader approach with new creative ways to frame and move through your challenges with the loving support of your ancestors — we can meet in consultation to uncover how I might best be of help to you.

If you're new to my work please check out my "Begin the journey" page or else continue below to book a session with me

Ancestral Lineage Healing

We begin looking at the level of wellness in each of your 4 primary lineages of bone, in your first session. From there we choose which line is most appropriate for you to begin working with. You will then be supported to establish connection with a wise, well and loving guide on the line.

From here, the healing needed on the lineage begins, and deepening in relationship with your people continues, ultimately blessing you and all the descendants of your lineages.

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Ancestrally resourced psychotherapy

If you’ve already connected with and worked with at least 2 of your ancestral lineages and there are things in your life you would like to work on, heal and explore with the help of the ancestors — I offer ancestrally resourced psychotherapy.

By integrating the connection between you and your ancestors, these sessions enable us to approach your development and growth in a way that is both trauma-informed, and ancestrally resourced.

Together we will assess where you feel you need help and what’s needed. These sessions can happen online, or in person at my office in the heart of the Cork countryside.

Book a bundle of 3

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What people are saying

Monday's experience is beyond words for me.  Thank you for what you do. I did not realise I needed boundaries between myself and my people. I assumed that all the dead were well and benevolent by virtue of death.  The experience had brought me to a new appreciation of boundaries between myself and all others living or dead.  Boundary hygiene has moved up to the top of list  for me. I felt lighter in myself as if they have all stepped back/it's less crowded in my field. It's better than winning the lotto to know that the wise, well-illuminated ones will do the healing and not me. Looking forward to next week and the next part of the journey.
Tracy B
Catherine's work “Ancestral Lineage Healing” is an important preparation and support on my own journey to live myself fully and fulfil a dream I had for many years. Supported by her competent, calm, empathetic manner I learned to open up quickly, surrender and trust into the messages and images that came up in this guided sessions. The wisdom in that, what my ancestors are offering me, is deep and I am always surprised how good it is fitting into my current life situation. Step by step I learn that I do not have to carry their burdens anymore – they and I are healing and the harvest is rich. I feel blessed and strong in moments where I felt weak or lost in former times. If you want to go forward and live yourself without those old rubber bands that are tearing you back again and again, I highly recommend to try out this work.
Martina W

Free 20 minute consult

An opportunity to meet and see if we are a good fit to journey through this work together.